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IBW Charcoal & Isanti BBQ WoodsWholesale Smoking Woods and All Natural Charcoals(612) 444-0660

Each of these bags contains over a half a square foot of kiln dried / dust free wood chips or chunks for smoking meats, cheeses, vegetables and ales. We wholesale these in case lots to area butcher shops and grocery stores where they are available for individual purchase. There are 8 flavors of wood chips and chunks to choose from. They can be used with charcoal, wood fire, gas, or electric grills and smokers. The most popular flavors are Cherry, Hickory, Mesquite, and Apple, but the other 4 (Pecan, Alder, Sugar Maple, and Oak) are gaining in respect because of TV shows like BBQ Pitmasters, The BBQ Central Show, BBQ Crawl, and often featured on the The Food Network and Travel Channel. Add Flavor to your foods, not calories!!

20 lb. Royal Oak Chef Select~~ All Natural Restaurant Grade Briquet
BWF All Natural Charcoal Briquets, 16.6 Pounds. No chemicals, no fillers, just the best American hardwood.
BWF All Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal. Available in 10 and 20 pound bags
BWF All Natural Super Smoke Charcoal Briquets, infused with 15% Real Hickory Hardwood. Available in 8.3 or 16.6 pound
Lazzari All Natural 100% Mesquite large lump charcoal (restaraunt grade) 40 Pound Bag. This is for the Pros! 20 Bags per pallet, can also be purchased individually
BWF All Natural Super Smoke Charcoal Briquets, infused with 15% Real Mesquite Hardwood. Available in 8.3 or 16.6 pound
BWF EasyFire fire starters. Box of 18 pieces/12 boxes per case. That's 216 individually wrapped pieces that can be sold seperately ($1.00 each?)
Grocery/Butcher shop product display
50# Ice Disintegrator -15 below zero. Safe for concrete. Finer grained mineral salt and Calcium Chloride blend.
Eagle Picher 25# (EP-25) Floor-Dry® is a superior diatomite absorbent. Low dust!
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